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Dancing on the Edge Chapter 30

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 30

  • Miracle sits down on a bench to wait for her bus. She's people-watching and enjoying the freedom of being cut loose from Gigi's prison, when she realizes that she doesn't have any money—Gigi let her off at the bus station without any money to go anywhere. Figures.
  • Miracle goes to the ticket counter and explains her situation. The woman at the counter says she has a daughter her age and would want someone to help her if she ran away, so she lets Miracle call Aunt Casey and then tells her how to get to the station.
  • Someone else is on the line who wants to talk to Miracle—Granddaddy Opal. He says that he's doing much better and is excited to see her.
  • As Miracle waits for Aunt Casey, she makes a decision: No more purple, and no more rules. From now on, she'll be who she wants to be, not who Gigi has taught her to be.
  • She thinks about how she told the wig heads that she didn't believe in love. Now, though, she's starting to rethink that. She thinks that maybe love is something you feel, the same way she feels something from reading poetry, dancing, listening to music, and having people do kind things for her. She thinks that with Granddaddy Opal and Aunt Casey's help, she can finally learn what love really is. Yay.

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