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Dancing on the Edge Chapter 4

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 4

  • Granddaddy Opal's words continue to haunt Miracle. It gets so bad that she starts having nightmares, and even Gigi's ritual of hanging orange peels over her bed doesn't take them away—in fact, it seems to make them worse.
  • The other thing getting worse is that Miracle gets teased at school for her short hair and wearing Dane's bathrobe. One afternoon, the kids taunt her from the bus windows and Granddaddy Opal observes it; he asks if this happens all the time and she says yes.
  • Something changes about Granddaddy Opal after this point. He doesn't berate Miracle or tell her she doesn't exist—in fact, he starts being nice to her.
  • Miracle starts to dance around the yard and tells Granddaddy Opal that she wants to take dance lessons, but Gigi won't let her. He decides to go behind his ex-wife's back and find Miracle a teacher.
  • They go to a church the next day to watch dancing lessons with a teacher named Susan and Granddaddy signs Miracle up for four classes. If she's going to be a dance prodigy, she'd best start making up for lost time. They both agree not to tell Gigi about the dance lessons.

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