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Dancing on the Edge Chapter 5

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 5

  • While Miracle's been getting ready to make her debut as a soon-to-be dance prodigy, Gigi's been busy acting really weird. Like, weirder than usual. In fact, she's being kind of a jerk.
  • Let's back up a little so you can get the picture of what's happened: Gigi got a job working at a gift shop doing her séances and black magic after she contacted the owner's dead husband for her. Since then, she's been really distant and Miracle's hardly seen her; she doesn't even get up in the morning to see Miracle off to school.
  • Miracle has made an effort to become part of Gigi's new life by coming to the gift shop and helping her out—getting her coffee and learning the specific spices and oils that go with different magic rituals. For several months, she serves as Gigi's assistant and the shop owner even speculates that she could someday be a great medium just like Gigi.
  • Things come crashing down one day, though, when Miracle offers to do the spirit dances Gigi sometimes does to contact the dead. Gigi gets angry and tells her she looks ridiculous.
  • To deal with this rejection, Miracle imagines that she's in a peaceful, safe place with Dane. She tells him all about her dance lessons and he tells her that she's really good. She also tells him that not all aspects of dance class are that great—she has trouble remembering the steps and the other students make fun of her. She imagines Dane telling her that he understands and that everything will be fine.

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