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Dancing on the Edge Chapter 9

By Han Nolan

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Chapter 9

  • While Granddaddy is off painting seatbelts and Gigi is at her Other Realms meetings, Miracle spends most of her time in the replica of Dane's bedroom she's built in the basement. She lights the candle bottles and asks him questions about where he went and when he's coming back.
  • She usually ends up scaring herself with thoughts about where people go when they melt and whether she actually exists. When this happens, she does her wild dances as a way to take the edge off her thoughts.
  • One day, Granddaddy shows Miracle a book he has about black holes. When Miracle hears the theory that you can travel through time in a black hole, she starts thinking that maybe Dane went back in time when he melted and is planning to prevent her mother's accident so they can all be together.
  • Miracle feels a surge of home from this and begins waiting for the day when Dane and her mother will return.

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