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Dancing on the Edge Lies and Deceit

By Han Nolan

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Lies and Deceit

In Dancing on the Edge, Miracle's entire life is based on a lie. Rather than acknowledge the truth of Sissy's tragic death, her family instead raises her to believe that her birth really was a grand and glorious miracle. The thing about lies, though, is that they only cover stuff up, not eliminate it completely. As a result, a huge part of Miracle's journey is not only learning the truth about the accident, but also accepting what really happened and rejecting the damaging stories she's been told.

Of course, this also means the family has to get over their half-truths and invented stories, something that—for Gigi in particular—is easier said than done.

Questions About Lies and Deceit

  1. We know the lies Gigi tells Miracle are damaging, but how do they specifically create challenges in Miracle's relationships and belief in herself?
  2. How does Miracle imitate Gigi's and Casey's behavior in the ways she responds to others? Give examples, please.
  3. How does Juleen enlighten Miracle to the truth she can't acknowledge?
  4. How do Miracle's relatives unknowingly reveal the truth about her mother? How does she know this?

Chew on This

Granddaddy Opal may claim to be different from Gigi, but he buys into the McCloy family's culture of lies as well.

Miracle's love spell lie is a way of seeking attention from others that she isn't receiving from her family.

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