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Dancing on the Edge Love

By Han Nolan

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Before you start expecting all kinds of mushy, romantic stuff from this theme, we should take a minute to say that Dancing on the Edge isn't about that kind of love. Instead, it focuses on the ways humans show compassion toward each other, as well as how supportive relationships can heal people who have been through a lot of pain. For Miracle, this means that her relationships with Granddaddy Opal and Aunt Casey (once she gets with the program, at least), and also Dr. DeAngelis and the staff at The Cedars, begin to rebuild her sense of self and security. Go team.

Questions About Love

  1. Why does Miracle believe love isn't real? What's the root of this belief?
  2. Does Gigi really love Miracle? Why or why not? Use examples to support your argument.
  3. How does Dr. DeAngelis teach Miracle about love?
  4. How does Miracle ultimately use her relationship with dance to understand love? Read up on dance elsewhere in this section to jumpstart your thinking.

Chew on This

Miracle has to love herself before she can love others, and this means she has to figure out who the heck she is before any real healing can begin.

Gigi loves herself first and foremost, which means she can't help but hurt others.

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