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Dancing on the Edge Religion

By Han Nolan

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You better believe religion is going to play a major role in a story where a teenage girl is basically enslaved to her grandma's black magic. We Shmoopers aren't here to criticize anyone's specific religious views, but we do know this: Religion can do a lot of damage when it's used to control others. And in Dancing on the Edge, this is exactly what Gigi strives to accomplish through the occult—if people believe in her powers, she runs the show. Miracle in particular ends up super confused, and sorting through Gigi's beliefs and bad information is key to coming into her own.

Questions About Religion

  1. Do you think Gigi actually believes the things she tells Miracle about the spirit world, or is she just trying to reinforce them for herself? Use the text to support your claim.
  2. How do Gigi's religious views take power away from Miracle? Give examples, please.
  3. How do Emmaline's spiritual beliefs conflict with Gigi's and Eugene's?
  4. What about Gigi's views on Dane and Sissy leaves Miracle confused?

Chew on This

Gigi uses religion to keep the rest of the family in line with her story about Miracle's birth.

Gigi's religious rituals and beliefs keep Miracle from investigating the truth about the world around her.

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