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Dancing on the Edge Transformation

By Han Nolan

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Dancing on the Edge might be a bleak story, but take comfort in the fact that it's ultimately a story about change. While accompanying Miracle on her journey is often disturbing, seeing her transform from a shell of a girl into a confident young woman who is freed from the lies of her past makes us more than a little proud of her. She might go through some tough times to get there, but Miracle's story shows us that it's possible for even the most damaged individuals to rise out of the ashes of their suffering and become something new. In other words, this book is hopeful… you just have to be patient.

Questions About Transformation

  1. In what specific ways does Miracle change throughout the story? What important moments in the book influence these changes? Are there ways in which she stays the same?
  2. How does Miracle's relationship with Granddaddy Opal change the environment at his house?
  3. Besides Miracle, what other characters undergo a transformation in the book? No need to only consider transformations as positive…
  4. Review the story of Etain, the namesake for Miracle's bicycle (6.34). How does this story reflect Miracle's journey throughout the story? For help getting started, hop on over to the "Symbolism, Imagery, Allegory" section.

Chew on This

While Miracle's incident with the candle bottles is painful, it's also essential for getting her to recognize her problems and giving her a desire to change.

All of the bad characters—the characters who work against the happiness and wellbeing of others—fail to change.

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