Study Guide

Dandelion Wine Narrator Point of View

By Ray Bradbury

Narrator Point of View

Third Person (Limited Omniscient)

Although our narrator spends most of his (or her—we really don't know) time occupying Doug's skull, he has a lot of ground to cover in Green Town. Because almost each chapter focuses on a different neighbor, we see our narrator take up residence behind the eyes of Tom, Grandpa Spaulding, Mr. Sanderson, Helen Loomis—heck, he even hides in the attic with Miss Fern and Miss Roberta for a while.

Here we see the narrator following Tom around: "…all the ladies cried so hard they had to lean on each other. Tom, upstairs, thought this meant death down there" (23.167). And here our narrator lets us in on Mrs. Bentley's thoughts: "You lived with people every day and they never altered a degree. It was only when people had been off on a long trip, for years, that they shocked you" (15.99). See? Our narrator hops into whichever head he pleases.

But he always goes back to Doug eventually. After all, when you live in Doug's head, you get gorgeous stuff like this: "Douglas turned his head slowly, listening. Somewhere in the burning bone-colored sky a great copper wire was strummed and shaken" (35.9). How could you not want to see the world like that? Our narrator just can't quit our main dude, and hey, we don't blame him—we're pretty sure Doug's skull has a killer shoegaze soundtrack.

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