Study Guide

Dandelion Wine Chapter 11

By Ray Bradbury

Chapter 11

  • Leo Auffmann and his wife, Lena, sit on the porch talking about the Happiness Machine. He's written a list of things he thinks might work well in it, and he wants her opinion.
  • He notes that she is "miraculous," which, aw.He also notes that "there seemed no long periods of thought for her," because her thoughts are immediately translated into motion. She has six kids, so that's understandable. 
  • Auffmann's ideas for stuff to put in the machine: radios, stereoscopic viewers, motion pictures. Sounds kind of like Spotify and YouTube, no? 
  • One other thing he thinks it should include is the sound of the leaves in the wind, which sounds kind of like going outside to see that it's a beautiful day and then checking the weather on your iPhone to make sure. 
  • Lena is silent. Bradbury writes, "[her] uneasy silence was an opinion." She's obviously not as down with this Happiness Machine as her husband.

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