Study Guide

Dandelion Wine Chapter 12

By Ray Bradbury

Chapter 12

  • Grandfather Spaulding, in the boarding house, smiles in his sleep. His smile wakes him up.
  • What's making him smile is that he hears the sound of his boarder Bill Forrester mowing the lawn—this is what symbolizes summer to old GS. 
  • He goes downstairs to check it out.Lo and behold, Bill's figured out a way to never mow the lawn again. He's bought flats of a new kind of grass that never needs to be mowed, and he's all excited to dig up the old, dandelion-filled grass and lay them down. 
  • GS is, of course, horrified by this, because we know how he feels about the dandelions: they're good drinkin'! 
  • GS, like old people everywhere, tells Bill that this laziness and desire for convenience is what's wrong with Young People Today. 
  • Bill is bummed, because he's spent ten bucks on ten flats of this stuff.GS gives him fifteen bucks and tells him he's just made five dollars to go throw all that grass in the ravine. He tells Bill that once he (GS) is dead, Bill's free to plant all the convenience grass he wants. 
  • Then he waxes nostalgic about the deliciousness of dandelion greens for dinner. 
  • Bill, bless his heart, gets it. He agrees to wait until GS is dead.GS goes back into the house, and Bill goes back to mowing the lawn. 
  • When GS comes down to see why he's back at it, Bill says he thinks he missed a few spots. 
  • All together now: aw…

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