Study Guide

Dandelion Wine Chapter 31

By Ray Bradbury

Chapter 31

  • The next morning, Charlie Woodman is complaining to Doug: The Lonely One is dead, so they can't be scared of him anymore.
  • That's right: Our girl Lavinia stabbed the dude with a pair of scissors, and the boys saw the cops carrying out the body. 
  • Lavinia ain't playin'. 
  • Tom doesn't think the Lonely One is really dead, though—he thinks Lavinia got the wrong guy and the serial killer is still living in the ice house. 
  • After all, that guy they carried out just looked like the "candy butcher" (no, we don't know how one butchers candy either) who worked at the Elite Theater, not like the Lonely One. Not that they know what the Lonely One looks like, but surely he doesn't just look like some dude. 
  • Tom thinks he must be tall and pale and skinny, with long dark hair—you know, kind of like Slender Man. (Did the people who made up Slender Man read Dandelion Wine? Makes you wonder.) 
  • Charlie likes the idea that the Lonely One's still out there. He tells Tom he just saved the summer; now it won't end all boring-like. 
  • But Doug, our contemplative main boy, is staring at Lavinia's house still, pontificating about how she left a glass of lemonade on her porch when she went out and he had been considering drinking it. He says he saw Elizabeth Ramsell dead. Then he goes back to the lemonade, saying, "I could drink that, I thought… I could drink that…" 
  • Yup, the chapter ends with ellipses.

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