Study Guide

Dandelion Wine Chapter 35

By Ray Bradbury

Chapter 35

  • Tom's outside counting the number of times the cicadas buzz every fifteen seconds.
  • Apparently, he knows a formula: Add 39 to the number and you get the temperature outside at that very moment.
  •  Doug goes into the house and reads the thermometer, then comes back outside and tells Tom it's eighty-seven degrees. (Quick, go thank your parents for the air conditioning. We'll wait here.) 
  • Tom gets ninety-two, which he says is the temperature in Degrees Spaulding. Doug, being Doug, doesn't get the message to go away and stop being a buzz kill. 
  • They stare up at the cloudless sky and think about just how hot it actually is, then start counting again. 
  • This is another chapter that ends with ellipses. And, we'd like to add, a fair degree of dread, foreboding, and general existential malaise.

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