Study Guide

Dandelion Wine Chapter 36

By Ray Bradbury

Chapter 36

  • Mr. Jonas the junk man comes riding his horse-drawn wagon through town. His self-appointed job is collecting things people don't want,then allowing other people to pick through them—take a piece of junk, but onlyif you search your heart and decide you really want it, is his deal.
  • He's like the Green Town mobile thrift store—if the Salvation Army suddenly sprouted wheels, was free, and came rolling past your house pulled by horses, that is. 
  • He's also kind of a mobile doctor, having helped deliver babies and given aspirin to people with headaches.  
  • The neighbors say Mr. Jonas has the hands of a rich man, and nobody knows what his real job is when he's not redistributing junk. Apparently it's just a thing that you don't ask.

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