Study Guide

Dandelion Wine Chapter 6

By Ray Bradbury

Chapter 6

  • Doug and Tom are at home in their bedroom at night.
  • Doug has a new yellow notepad and a new yellow pencil, and he's making some lists. 
  • Doug tells Tom that half of each summer is spent doing things they've already done, and the other half is spent doing things they've never done. He intends to keep a list of those things this year. 
  • He divides the summer into two parts in the tablet. He labels one side RITES AND CEREMONIES; that will be the side where he writes down stuff they've done before. The first-time stuff will go on the other side, which he labels DISCOVERIES AND REVELATIONS, then changes to ILLUMINATIONS, then changes to INTUITIONS. 
  • He starts listing things. Under INTUITIONS, he writes what he's figured out about dandelion wine: that this year's crop will be summer 1928 in a bottle. 
  • Under RITES AND CEREMONIES, he records the first time he got in trouble with his parents. This leads to another revelation: "The reason why grownups and kids fight is because they belong to separate races." 
  • The final INTUITION of the night is that night itself is made of "shadows crawling out from under five billion trees." Which leads, of course, to the realization that if they could keep the shadows under the trees, it would never be night. 
  • Tom digs that and says, "Say it again," which leads to the last line of the chapter: "Shadows are under five billion trees…" 
  • That's right: ellipses.

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