Study Guide

Dandelion Wine Chapter 7

By Ray Bradbury

Chapter 7

  • Grandfather Spaulding walks out onto the porch one night and decides it's time for another major ritual of summer: hanging the porch swing.
  • Bradbury says here that it's "the third day of summer," which is a strange time shift. But by this time you know to expect some wackiness, right? 
  • Douglas is there, helps hang the swing, and gets to sit in it first. Grandfather Spaulding sits beside him and they give each other the "ahh, porch swing" smile. 
  • The evening wears on, with adults sitting on various porches and talking, and kids playing outside. 
  • Miss Fern and Miss Roberta, the neighborhood spinster sisters, ride by in their Green Machine, a strange electric buggy-like contraption that carries them around town. 
  • Mr. Jonas, the town junk man, leaves his horse and wagon in the alley and comes down the street chatting with the neighbors on foot. 
  • The chapter ends with Douglas dozing off on the porch, in "the fern night and the grass night," listening to the adults talk. 
  • And… you got it… ellipses end the last sentence. As much as ellipses ever end anything, that is.

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