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Lush in Daniel Deronda

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Lush is Grandcourt's right-hand man and frequent companion. He has been in Grandcourt's service for the last fifteen years. Lush is also Grandcourt's punching bag in a lot of ways. Grandcourt treats him with scorn and contempt, and the narrator frequently compares Lush to a dog that is used to being kicked. Before you start feeling too sorry for him, though, just keep in mind that he is also a manipulative little jerk in a lot of ways. He definitely looks out for himself ahead of anyone else. He orchestrates the meeting between Gwendolen and Lydia, helping to make both women feel more miserable than they already are and really doing a number on Gwendolen's guilt complex. He's not as benign as he might first appear; Lush is a guy who knows what he wants, and he'll claw and backstab until he gets it.

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