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Daniel Deronda Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

  • We find ourselves in Brackenshaw Park, where the Archery Meeting is about to go down. It's a beautiful place.
  • The Archery Meeting is pretty exclusive.
  • Everyone seems to think that Gwendolen is the hottest girl there. She seems to enjoy knowing that people feel this way.
  • The narrator points out that archery is an attractive and civilized sport – it's not about killing anything, nobody gets hurt, and the ladies sure do look nice holding those bows and arrows.
  • Lord Brackenshaw is the one holding today's contest. He has decided that the first prize will be a gold arrow that will be transferred to the winner of the next archery contest. The Brackenshaw Archery Club is known for its good taste.
  • Gwendolen is looking particularly fine today. Lord Brackenshaw and Clintock comment on how she looks amazing.
  • Gwendolen is also feeling good today – she's happy to be surrounded by her family, and she's confident in her abilities – so what if Catherine Arrowpoint is known for being great at archery and comes from a lot of money?  Gwendolen doesn't even feel awkward or intimidated when Klesmer shows up.  
  • Klesmer, by the way, stands out among all of the fancy-looking, "well-bred" English gentlemen – he looks artsy and foreign. A lot of the people at the Archery Club know him or at least know who he is.
  • Clintock makes a crack to Gwendolen about Klesmer; she retorts by telling him she's in awe of Klesmer's genius.
  • Gwendolen changes the subject by commenting on how nice Catherine Arrowpoint looks, but in a way that sounds sort of condescending.
  • Lady Brackenshaw asks how the game is going and says that she thinks Gwendolen stands a good chance to win the gold arrow.
  • Lord Brackenshaw says that Catherine isn't up to her usual game. Mrs. Arrowpoint responds by saying that Catherine will be oh-so-pleased if someone else wins. She talks about how Catherine is really generous, and uses Catherine's invitation to Klesmer to join them at the Archery Club as an example.
  • Then Mrs. Arrowpoint is like, "Hang on, where's Grandcourt?" Just then, Gwendolen and Mr. Gascoigne join them. Everyone continues talking about Grandcourt.
  • Lord Brackenshaw takes Gascoigne aside to chat. Gwendolen goes to talk to her mom and aunt. She's kind of bummed that Grandcourt hasn't shown up yet.  She doesn't want to think that he won't take notice of her.
  • Gwendolen puts all her energy in her shooting; she's doing really well, and everyone claps for her.  She's sort of satisfied that Klesmer is there in a situation where she excels at something and where his talent for music doesn't matter.
  • Lord Brackenshaw comes up to her and says there's a man who can't wait any longer to meet her. And what do you know – it's Grandcourt.

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