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Daniel Deronda Chapter 24

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Chapter 24

  • Gwendolen and her mom go check out Sawyer's cottage. Gwendolen feels like it is a bad dream.
  • Anna starts feeling bad for Gwendolen.
  • Mr. Gascoigne tells Gwendolen that Mrs. Mompert, the bishop's wife, wants to interview her before she starts teaching the girls. Gwendolen is upset that someone else will have the power to decide her worth.
  • Gwendolen's uncle keeps trying to paint the situation in the best light; Gwendolen, meanwhile, feels more and more put off.
  • Mrs. Gascoigne reads out a letter that Rex sent.
  • Gwendolen can't stop thinking about how much she hates the situation she's in. She can't help but think that her family's financial ruin is hardest on her, since she's the one who is the most accustomed to having a good time.
  • One day, Gwendolen and her mom are in her room when Gwendolen brings her jewelry box to her mom and asks if she wants to sell them. Mrs. Davilow says that she doesn't want to. Then she's like, "What's up with that torn handkerchief?"
  • Gwendolen feels a wave of memory of Daniel Deronda sweep over her. She tells her mom not to sell the turquoise necklace. Mrs. Davilow says she definitely won't because it was made from Gwendolen's dad's chain.  Then she mentions that all of her best jewelry was taken from her a long time ago. Then she blushes, and the narrator tells us that Gwendolen's stepfather had sold everything away and that Mrs. Davilow usually avoids talking about it.
  • Mrs. Davilow gets upset and asks Gwendolen if there is anything she'd rather do besides going to the Momperts'. She says that they can suffer together if she wants.
  • Gwendolen says that being a governess for the Momperts is the best she can do.
  • Gwendolen vows to keep the turquoise necklace. She feels pretty superstitious about it.

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