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Daniel Deronda Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

  • Grandcourt finds out that Gwendolen has peaced out from Leubronn. Lush takes it to mean that they're going to go back to Diplow.
  • Grandcourt and Lady Mallinger make small talk. She can't help but see him as a constant reminder that she's failed to give Sir Hugo any sons.
  • We learn that Grandcourt is absolutely convinced that Daniel is his relative.
  • Lush and Sir Hugo talk about Grandcourt's potential marriage plans.
  • Grandcourt and Lush go to Paris. Then, Grandcourt tells Lush to go to Diplow to check out the scene. Grandcourt stays behind in Paris for a bit.
  • Lush takes advantage of his time at Diplow to learn everything he can about Gwendolen and to get the scoop on what's going on at Offendene.
  • Lush wonders whether Gwendolen is more likely to accept Grandcourt's proposal now out of desperation. We also learn that Lush has been studying Grandcourt for years and has a pretty good sense that he can predict whatever Grandcourt is going to do.
  • The narrator tells us that Lush knows a few things about Grandcourt for sure: first and most importantly, Grandcourt is not likely to be moved to do anything out of simple generosity.
  • We also learn that Lush really, really hopes that Gwendolen and Grandcourt never get married. He wants Grandcourt to marry either an heiress or Lydia Glasher.
  • When Grandcourt arrives at Diplow, he doesn't have a whole lot to say. Then, when they're having breakfast one day, Grandcourt tells Lush to shut the door and asks if Gwendolen is at Offendene.
  • Lush tells Grandcourt that Gwendolen and her family have lost all of their money.
  • Grandcourt is like, "Shut up and tell me the truth." Lush is like, "Uh, this is the truth."
  • Grandcourt wants to know where Gwendolen is going to be the next day. Lush is like, "Hold up, dude – this girl comes with a lot of baggage" (i.e., Mrs. Davilow and the sisters).
  • They go back and forth a bit, and then Lush is like, "Look, she knows something that you don't know she knows." He tells Grandcourt about how Gwendolen knows all about Lydia – in fact, she met her!
  • Lush is prepared to tell Grandcourt that he set up the whole thing with Lydia and Gwendolen, but Grandcourt doesn't ask him. He just asks what's next.
  • Grandcourt writes a note to Gwendolen.

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