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Daniel Deronda Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

  • Deronda arrives at the Cohens' home. They are extremely hospitable.
  • Daniel trades pocketknives with Jacob.
  • They all sit around the dinner table, and then Mrs. Cohen calls out, "Mordecai!" Daniel thinks that this is some sort of strange Jewish ritual.
  • Except it's not. The man from the bookshop walks in to the room. 
  • Aside from a few prayers, everything seems to be totally normal about the dinner. They all make small talk.
  • Mordecai asks Daniel about the book he bought and asks if Daniel knows German. We find out that he works at Mr. Ram's bookstore every day just during lunchtime.
  • Then Mordecai asks Daniel if he knows Hebrew. Daniel says he doesn't. Mordecai looks disappointed.
  • Mordecai leaves the table. Daniel asks the Cohens if Mordecai is their relative. They say that they let him stay with them out of charity.

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