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Daniel Deronda Chapter 37

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Chapter 37

  • Daniel gets home. He sees that Hans Meyrick's stuff is there already, which he expected. The narrator tells us, though, that he will find other things that he didn't expect.
  • He sees Hans, who has set up shop by transforming Daniel's sitting room into an art studio.
  • Hans tells him he's found his own place.
  • They look at Hans' artwork.
  • Hans talks about his newest project. He wants to paint a series of five paintings based on Ancient Roman figures, one of whom is Berenice, who was a Jewish princess who fell in love with Titus. He wants Mirah to be the model for Berenice.
  • Then Deronda looks at another drawing and notices how agreeable the person in it looks. It's Rex Gascoigne! All of our circles start to intersect!
  • Hans acts all dramatic and artsy.
  • Daniel asks Hans not to use Mirah as a model for Berenice because he doesn't want other people to recognize her.
  • Hans is like, "Jeez, Dan, nobody is ever going to look at my art."
  • Hans and Dan banter back and forth about whether or not he should paint Mirah. Hans reveals that he is totally crazy about her.
  • Daniel's like, "Cool it Hans. She won't marry you because you're Christian." Hans makes an off-color remark about Jewish people and says that Mirah won't find any Jewish dudes worth marrying.
  • Then Hans gets serious and says he really, truly loves Mirah.
  • Daniel realizes that he's actually sort of jealous, but realizes that Mirah probably won't want him either.
  • Daniel goes to visit Mirah and the rest of the Meyrick crew. Mirah seems to be in really good spirits.  Mrs. Meyrick says that Hans brings out the best in her.
  • Mirah says that Hans told a story about Daniel in which he compared him to Buddha, which Daniel finds a little weird.
  • Mirah starts waxing philosophic about the nature of thought, talking about how her absent mother is as much with her as anyone else because she has been in Mirah's thoughts.
  • Daniel tells Mirah that he has talked to Klesmer about her, and that she and Mrs. Meyrick are supposed to go talk to him. He also tells her that Lady Mallinger wants her to come sing at an upcoming party.
  • Daniel thinks about his identity and wishes he had someone to vent to about it.

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