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Daniel Deronda Chapter 43

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Chapter 43

  • After sitting quietly for a while, Mordecai gives Daniel a satisfied look.
  • Mordecai starts telling Daniel about the doctrine of the Cabbala (a.k.a. Kabbalah, a.k.a. Jewish Mysticism, a.k.a. that religion that Madonna practices).
  • Mordecai gives him the backstory of his religious beliefs. He went to visit the religious lands of the East.
  • We find out that Mordecai's real name is Ezra. Daniel is totally taken aback.
  • Mordecai remembers how his mother wrote to him saying that her daughter was taken away from her. See where this is going?
  • So, when Mordecai found out that his sister was taken away, he tried to get home to his mom as fast as possible. One night he had to sleep out in the cold, and that's how he got tuberculosis (although modern medicine probably would tell us otherwise).
  • He reveals that his sister's name is Mirah!
  • We also find out that Mordecai and Mirah's mother died.
  • Daniel is sort of freaked out. He's figured everything out on Mirah's behalf, but this is some pretty shocking news and he doesn't know the best way about revealing Mirah and Mordecai to one another.
  • Daniel starts to think that his purpose in life is to finish what Mordecai has started. 
  • Daniel decides to reach out to Mrs. Meyrick for her help. Maybe she'll have some good advice.

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