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Daniel Deronda Chapter 44

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Chapter 44

  • So, after spending a bunch of time with Daniel, we go back to Gwendolen, who is "thinking of Deronda much more than he was thinking of her" (44.1). Sad.
  • Gwendolen thinks about how Daniel told her to care more for others, to learn more, and to care about "the best things." She has no idea where to start.
  • Gwendolen collects a bunch of books to improve her mind, but she doesn't spend all that much time reading them.
  • Gwendolen is way busy being Mrs. Grandcourt. She feels like she's keeping up an act.
  • We find out that every time Gwendolen wants to have her family come over and visit, Grandcourt sneers at her and refers to them as "those people."
  • Gwendolen is too proud to tell her mother that she is miserable. She makes excuses for not inviting her over.  Gwendolen misses her family and has never loved them so much as she does now.
  • One day Gwendolen goes to Offendene to visit her family without Grandcourt. 
  • They make small talk. We find out that Rex is doing well.
  • Mrs. Davilow says they have found a new house. Gwendolen feels ready to burst into tears and asks her mom to go sit with her in her old bedroom. Everything she loved about her old life is slipping through her fingers.
  • Gwendolen hints that she's really unhappy with her marriage. Then she gives her mom some money.
  • We find out that Gwendolen is pretty sure that Grandcourt has gone to Gadsmere to see Lydia Glasher. She feels torn – she doesn't know why it upsets her when he shows kindness to someone she feels she has badly mistreated.
  • Gwendolen feels humiliated about having known about Lydia before marrying Grandcourt.
  • As far as Gwendolen is concerned, only Lydia knows that she knows about Grandcourt's past.

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