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Daniel Deronda Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

  • Daniel figures that it's time for Mirah and Mordecai to meet. Mrs. Meyrick helps Daniel find a new place for Mordecai to live.
  • Mrs. Meyrick mentions that she isn't into "fanatical" Jews. Her comment rubs Daniel the wrong way, though. He just mentions politely that Mordecai isn't a fanatic; he's just enthusiastic.
  • They try to figure out the best way to go about revealing the truth. Daniel decides to tell Mordecai so that he'll be more willing to move to a nicer place. Mrs. Meyrick decides to tell her kids so that they'll be out of the house during the big reveal.
  • Daniel goes over to the Cohens' house. Mordecai seems to know that Daniel has big news when he comes in to see him, but he thinks that Daniel is about to tell him that he found out he was Jewish. When Daniel tells him he hasn't learned anything new about himself, Mordecai is visibly disappointed.
  • Daniel reveals that Mirah has been found and that she's OK. Mordecai starts sobbing out of happiness.
  • Daniel gives Mordecai the scoop on what's been going on with Mirah since the two siblings were separated. Then Mordecai is like, OK, man, you're definitely Jewish like us.
  • Oh, and we also learn that Mordecai is of no relation to the Cohens; the whole name thing is just a coincidence.
  • They go and tell the Cohens that Mordecai's sister has been found and that Mordecai will be moving out soon. Everyone bursts into tears.
  • Mordecai thanks everyone for having taken such good care of him and asks if Jacob can come visit him sometime, mostly as a way of calming Jacob down.
  • Later, Daniel asks Mordecai if Mirah can come visit the Cohens to thank them for being so kind. Mordecai says it might be weird because they have some "family sorrow" involving a daughter, which explains why Mrs. Cohen acted so strangely before. He still doesn't explain exactly what happened, though.

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