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Daniel Deronda Chapter 47

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Chapter 47

  • Daniel gets Mordecai situated with a new place to live and some new threads.
  • Mrs. Meyrick, in the meantime, tells her kids that Mordecai has been found. They are surprisingly unhappy at the news. Hans makes a couple of prejudiced remarks.  Mrs. Meyrick can't believe how unfeeling her kids are.
  • Hans makes a comment about how Daniel is getting really into Jewish people all of a sudden. Then he mopes that they won't all be together ever again. He leaves.
  • Mrs. Meyrick fills Mirah in on the details with Mordecai. Interestingly, we don't get to see the big reveal.
  • Daniel stays with Mordecai. Mrs. Meyrick sends Mirah over to visit. 
  • Mirah walks in. Mordecai says that she has their mother's voice. They throw their arms around each other. Mirah notices that Mordecai is dying. She promises to take care of him.

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