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Daniel Deronda Chapter 53

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Chapter 53

  • Daniel's mom asks to see him again.  When he meets her, she asks if he has any more questions for her.
  • She tells him that they can never be in each other's lives after this.
  • The Princess asks Daniel if he plans on becoming Jewish like his grandfather was. Daniel points out that it's complicated because he's spent the first 28 years of his life living in one way, and now everything has been turned upside-down.
  • Then Daniel's mom is like, "You love a Jewish girl, don't you?"  Daniel blushes. She keeps egging him on.
  • She tells him that he's turning out exactly as his grandfather would have wanted him to.
  • They talk about Daniel's love for Mirah without actually saying that it's Mirah. He has no idea whether or not she loves him back.
  • Daniel's mom wonders if it was a mistake to give him up.
  • Daniel sobs. They hug and kiss and say goodbye.

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