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Daniel Deronda Chapter 60

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Chapter 60

  • Daniel gets to Mainz and asks for Joseph Kalonymos.
  • Joseph is like, "Glad to see you're happy to be Jewish – not like the last time I saw you." Daniel clarifies that when he met Joseph Kalonymos in Frankfort, he was irritated not because Kalonymos thought he was Jewish, but rather because he asked him who his mother was.
  • Joseph Kalonymos gives Daniel his grandfather's chest and the key that goes with it.
  • Then Joseph Kalonymos tells Daniel all the ways in which he resembles his grandfather. We learn that Daniel Charisi, Daniel's grandfather, was extremely devout – he was sort of like Mordecai before Mordecai even existed.
  • Joseph Kalonymos asks Daniel what he does for a living. Daniel's like, "I actually don't really have a profession." Joseph tells him to fix that.
  • Then Joseph Kalonymos asks Daniel if he will profess the Jewish faith. Daniel says he can't say he will believe exactly as the people before him did because he didn't grow up that way, but he will definitely make sure that "his people" are his first priority.

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