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Daniel Deronda Chapter 62

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Chapter 62

  • One day, Mirah is heading home from giving a little concert when she realizes that someone is following her.
  • She feels that it her father, but she won't let herself turn around to see him.
  • Finally, someone grabs her by the wrist and calls her name. Yup, it's her dad. He looks awful.
  • He asks her why she ran away. She tells him that she didn't trust him.
  • Mirah's dad asks her where she lives. She says she lives with Mordecai. He asks how she found him.
  • Then Mirah's dad asks her for money so he can get some proper clothes.
  • She says no. Then he asks if he can get some money for a cigar. He says he'll come back the next day.
  • Mirah gives him a little bit of cash.  Then she goes into the house sobbing and tells Mordecai that she's seen their father and that he plans to come over the next day.

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