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Daniel Deronda Chapter 63

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Chapter 63

  • Daniel returns from Genoa.  He's been thinking about Mirah a lot. He doesn't love Gwendolen.
  • Daniel really wants to see Mordecai. He decides to go straight from the train station to Mordecai's place.
  • When he gets there, Daniel cuts to the chase – he tells them that he's discovered that he's Jewish.  Of course, Mirah and Mordecai are thrilled. Mirah doesn't say anything, but she feels like a volt of electricity has gone straight through her.
  • Daniel tells Mordecai that he'll take on Mordecai's work as his life's task. He still has a lot to learn, though.
  • Daniel points out that something seems to be bothering Mirah.
  • Mirah can't sleep when she goes to bed that night. She's thinking about Daniel, but she doesn't feel nearly as bad now as she did before.

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