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Daniel Deronda Chapter 64

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Chapter 64

  • Mrs. Davilow goes to get Gwendolen. Mrs. Davilow is happier now than she has been at any point since Gwendolen got married.
  • That night, Gwendolen and her mom lie awake. Gwendolen tells her that she has always been terrible to her mom. She thinks that she's unhappy now as payback for being a wicked child.
  • Sir Hugo goes to speak to Mr. Gascoigne about Grandcourt's secrets and the details of his will.
  • Sir Hugo says he regrets what a lame deal Gwendolen is going to get out of the will.
  • Mr. Gascoigne feels like he has to tell Gwendolen and Mrs. Davilow Grandcourt's secrets and the details of the will because he innocently thinks that Gwendolen is in the dark about it all.
  • When Mrs. Davilow talks about Gwendolen's inheritance from Grandcourt, Gwendolen implies that she might decide not to accept any of it.
  • Mrs. Davilow and Gwendolen go to talk to Sir Hugo and Mr. Gascoigne. Sir Hugo explains everything.
  • Gwendolen sort of sits around mutely, as if she's in total shock.
  • Gwendolen tells Sir Hugo that she wants to see Daniel again as soon as possible.

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