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Daniel Deronda Chapter 65

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Chapter 65

  • Daniel hears that Gwendolen wants to see him. He's not all that excited about it.
  • Gwendolen asks Daniel if he knows about her husband's will. She wants Daniel to tell her what to do. She tells him that she's trying to be good.
  • Gwendolen tells Daniel that she's thinking of only accepting enough money from Grandcourt's will so that her mom can live comfortably but to return everything else.
  • Daniel tells her that it's not the best idea ever.
  • Daniel tells Gwendolen that everything is going to be OK. She still has time to make herself a good person. He thinks that she has the potential to be one of the best women around.
  • Gwendolen tells Daniel that she will remember everything that he has told her.
  • She hasn't smiled since Grandcourt died.

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