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Daniel Deronda Chapter 66

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Chapter 66

  • Mirah and Mordecai's dad is not looking forward to seeing Mordecai, but the more he thinks about it, the more ready he is to see his son – after all, he might get some money out of it.
  • Mirah and Mordecai are hanging out at home when they hear that their father is there to see them.
  • Mordecai is sort of cold and calculating. He's neither friendly nor unfriendly to his dad.
  • Their dad starts trying to appeal to Mordecai. Mordecai asks Mirah to leave the room.  Before she goes, she asks Mordecai to think about what their mother would have done in this situation.
  • Mordecai chews his dad out for everything he has done. He tells him that they'll give him a place to sleep, clothing, and food, but only because he's their dad. They'll never trust him because he's an evil man.
  • Their dad "cries like a woman" (66.23).
  • When Mirah comes back in, her dad tells her goodbye – he says he's been a bad, bad man and "deserves to die like a dog by the roadside" (66.24).
  • Mirah falls into his trap and says he should stay with them.
  • He goes to bed dreaming of gambling.

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