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Daniel Deronda Chapter 67

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Chapter 67

  • Daniel goes to visit Mirah and Mordecai. He's surprised to see Mr. Lapidoth there.
  • As Daniel leaves, Mr. Lapidoth guesses that Mirah is in love with him.
  • The next time Daniel goes to visit, both Daniel and Mirah feel like Mr. Lapidoth's presence is like a wall between the two of them because he'll observe too much.
  • Daniel goes to see Hans. Hans doesn't look so great. He tells Daniel that he's been smoking opium.
  • Daniel reveals to Hans that he's learned that he's really Jewish.
  • Hans tells Daniel that his mother already gave him the scoop.  He asks Daniel if Gwendolen knows. Daniel says no.
  • It also comes out that they're both in love with Mirah. Daniel is like, "Well, you and I can still be friends because neither of us will get her." Hans disagrees. He says that their friendship won't be able to bear the strain.
  • Hans tells Daniel that Mirah is jealous of Gwendolen. He tells him to go get Mirah.
  • Daniel thanks Hans and runs out.

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