Study Guide

Daniel Deronda Chapter 68

By George Eliot

Chapter 68

  • Daniel goes to see Mordecai (whom he now calls Ezra) and Mirah. He wants to confess his love.
  • When he gets there, Mirah isn't home.
  • Mordecai tutors him in Hebrew for a little bit. Daniel takes off his scarf and diamond ring and puts them on the table. Lapidoth comes in and, after a lot of deliberation, quietly steals the ring and runs off to sell it.
  • Mirah comes back. She says she has to go to the Meyricks' house. Daniel offers to go with her.
  • Daniel puts on his scarf and then notices his ring is gone. He looks all over the floor. Mirah asks if her father was there and then goes to look for him.
  • Daniel follows her. Then he asks her to marry him.
  • She says yes. That was easy!