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Amanda Lucas in Dark Matter

By Blake Crouch

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Amanda Lucas

Amanda Lucas is yet another beautiful and intelligent woman who falls in love with the dashing Jason Dessen. Yawn.

Sorry, we had to get that out of our system.

Anyway, Amanda is a unique character because she's the only person besides Jason to truly travel through the multiverse. The two grow quite close during this experience, and they even almost have a romantic encounter. In fact, that's why Amanda decides to split up the duo.

Wait, what?

Check out this excerpt from her goodbye note:

To what extent is our collective subconscious driving our connections to these worlds? It's not that I don't want you to get back to your wife. I want nothing more. But we've been together now for weeks. It's hard not to get attached, especially under these circumstances (12.10)

In other words, Amanda worries that her growing feelings for Jason are subconsciously affecting the universes they find. She might not be off the mark—it takes Jason very few tries to find his home universe after they separate.

That still leaves us with one whopping question—where in the name of Schrödinger does Amanda end up? She certainly can't go home, unless she wants to get blasted to bits by the bros at Velocity Labs. Unlike Jason, who reunites with his family, Amanda is left alone to build a new life for herself in the great unknown.

We hope she at least ends up somewhere cool. Oh—like a universe where people are dinosaurs. Yeah. That's what we'd write down in our thought journal.

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