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Dark Matter What's Up With the Title?

By Blake Crouch

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What's Up With the Title?

Lucky for us, we get our info about the title straight from the horse's mouth when Jason2 references the concept of "dark matter" while eating dinner with Daniela. Check it:

"Most astrophysicists believe that the force holding stars and galaxies together [...] comes from a theoretical substance we can't measure or observe directly. Something they call dark matter. [...] Some string theorists think it might be a clue to the existence of the multiverse." (6.51-55)

In other words, the title Dark Matter is a reference to the magical glue that holds together the multiverse. There you go, folks.

We'd be lying, though, if we said that this was some complex, hyper-referential title. We mean, yeah, it kind of is, but Dark Matter is just one of those phrases that sounds cool, you know?

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