Study Guide

Dark Matter Chapter 10

By Blake Crouch

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Chapter 10

  • Jason and Amanda have 44 syringes left. They decide to write down their thoughts in order to better their chances of finding the right world.
  • Amanda writes about a place that "isn't the future, but [...] feels like it," and they open a new door (10.17).
  • The world the two find is indeed futuristic. After riding on a super-advanced train, they go the top of a gargantuan skyscraper and admire the world.
  • Amanda and Jason get back inside the box and walk once again down the infinite hallway. This time, they have a visitor: a parallel-universe Jason, spazzed out and screaming like a lunatic.
  • Well, that'll sure mess with your head.
  • After writing down that he wants to go home, Jason opens another door. This time, it looks an awful lot like his home universe.
  • As Jason and Amanda walk around, however, something feels off. The streets are a mess, and the homes look abandoned. Amanda tries to convince Jason to head back to the box, but he's not budging.
  • The two find an abandoned car and drive north. There's an emergency broadcast on the radio talking about some sort of infection that's sweeping the city. Uh-oh.
  • Amanda and Jason arrive at Jason's house. It's a mess. This isn't going to be good...
  • Jason sees Daniela. "Her eyes look black," we find out—which we assume has something to do with the plague that's sweeping the city (10.235).
  • Daniela's confused when she sees Jason—Jason died a week ago. Charlie's dead, too.
  • Jason is tweaking. Suddenly, a car pulls up with two people in it. They give Jason a syringe and tell him that it will give his wife a merciful end. There's no hope for her.
  • So Jason does it. It's rough. Once he's done, he and Amanda hop back into the car and head south.
  • Amanda and Jason are on the interstate when they notice a car following them. Jason puts the pedal to the metal as their pursuers unload a machine gun on them.
  • The two barely make it back inside the box before being blasted to bits.
  • The next door opens to a beautiful forest, and Jason takes the opportunity to chill out. Amanda tells him that his emotional "baggage" led them to that horrendous universe (10.579).
  • Jason decides to write down every detail he remembers from his home in order to get it right this time.

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