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Dark Matter Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

  • The next few universes are really close to being Jason's home, but they're not quite it.
  • After the fourth time, Jason and Amanda decide to get a hotel room and take a break.
  • The two get dinner at a restaurant and actually have a great time. They even almost hook up in the hotel room, but Jason holds himself back.
  • After a few more stops, Amanda and Jason end up in a universe where Jason and Daniela are happily married, while Charlie is at a charter school.
  • Jason leaves Amanda in a hotel while he sits on the other side of the street from the house. Using a prepaid cellphone he had purchased, he calls Daniela and pretends to be this universe's Jason.
  • Jason doesn't return to the hotel room until midnight. Amanda is understandably furious, especially after Jason reveals that he followed this universe's Daniela and Jason on a date. Creepy.
  • Jason even reveals that he thought about killing this Jason and taking his place. Mega creepy.

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