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Dark Matter Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

  • Amanda isn't in bed the next morning. She left a note, however, which says that she doesn't think Jason will find his home as long as she's here. So she's left, leaving him half of the syringes.
  • The next few worlds are pretty rough. Although Jason has seven syringes left when Amanda leaves, he's left with only two after being assaulted by a group of teens.
  • Jason starts living like a homeless man and camping outside his home. While drunk one night, he stands over his parallel self and wife in bed and considers killing Other Jason.
  • Whoa, bro. You're losing it.
  • This is the wake-up call Jason needs. The next day, he cleans himself up and heads back to the box. This time, before opening a door, he writes about the first time he ever met Daniela.

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