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Dark Matter Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

  • Everything seems right in the next universe. Jason's suspicions are confirmed when he looks at his home and all the details fit like a glove.
  • Jason watches Jason2 spend time with his family and wonders what to do. He decides to buy a gun, which is pretty extreme in our book.
  • When Jason tries to buy a gun, however, the cashier tells him that he's tried to buy a gun from her several times this week alone. What in the name of Einstein is going on here?
  • As usual, Jason gets an idea. He goes to a computer and logs on to his favorite chat service–"UberChat," of course—and types in the first chat room name he can think of (13.227).
  • Jason finds a chat room with three other users, all of whom are named Jason. Jason realizes that each decision he's made during his adventures has led to an alternate Jason being created.
  • And now all of the Jasons are here, all wanting the same thing: the family. This is going to get nasty.
  • Jason freaks out, thinking that the others know where he is. He decides to make a run for it.
  • Jason encounters a gun-armed Jason in the hallway. Luckily, he manages to escape.
  • Jason hustles to a bar, where he watches a man get kicked out for acting belligerent. He's joined by another Jason with a super-cool scar on his face.
  • The Jasons give each other a sign of peace and chat. It's pleasant, but Other Jason promises that he'll "kill" our Jason "if it comes to that" (13.468).
  • Jason mulls over how to do something that his parallel selves won't predict. Hmm...
  • The next day, Jason buys a cigarillo. Doesn't seem useful to us, but we're following.
  • Jason goes to a diner and orders some eggs and coffee. Then he lights up his cigar.
  • Jason ignores everyone when they tell him to put it out—even a cop. He's arrested.
  • This, apparently, is Jason's plan, inspired by the dude at the bar. When he arrives at the police station, he calls Daniela and tells her to pick him up ASAP.
  • Several hours later, Daniela arrives and posts bail. She's weirded out that Jason looks so different from the way he looked earlier today, but Jason tells her the whole story.
  • To prove it, Jason tells Daniela to call Jason2 at work. She does and is super confused. That confusion turns to horror when she asks Jason something that only the real Jason would know, and he answers incorrectly.
  • Jason and Daniela pick up Charlie. Meanwhile, Daniela gets a text from one of the Jason doppelgangers.
  • Jason tells his wife and son everything that happened (and is still happening) as they drive away from the city. They seem to believe him a lot more quickly than we would in their shoes.

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