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Dark Matter Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

  • Jason and company end up in Wisconsin. Daniela is getting inundated with texts from the other Jasons at this point.
  • Our heroes break into a house to spend the night. Things are tense between Jason and Daniela.
  • After Daniela goes to sleep, Jason goes back to the chat room. He tells the other Jasons to meet him at the power plant, where they will hold a "peaceful lottery" to decide who will stay with Daniela and Charlie (14.252).
  • Daniela isn't too pleased with this plan when she hears about it the next morning. She wants to be with this Jason, not the others.
  • Jason and Daniela go out to dinner that night and make glorious love when they return to the cabin. Fireworks go off, metaphorically speaking.
  • Jason goes to get a glass of water in the middle of the night and notices a figure running through the yard. The Jasons are here.
  • Jason tries to get Daniela and Charlie out of the house, but he's stopped by Scarface Jason. They get into a brawl, and our Jason looks like he's done for, but then suddenly a gunshot rings out.
  • It's Jason2. He's just shot Scarface Jason.
  • Jason2 goes to kill our Jason, but thanks to a distraction from Charlie, our Jason manages to stab him with a knife. Not pretty, but it'll get the job done.
  • Before he dies, Jason2 tells Jason where his car is and tells him to look inside "the glove box" (14.652).
  • Our heroes run to the car while being chased by an army of Jasons. Scary.
  • As they drive away, Jason tells Daniela to look inside the glove box. She finds a leather bag filled with the syringes. Eureka.

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