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Dark Matter Chapter 2

By Blake Crouch

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Chapter 2

  • Jason wakes up in a daze. He feels people lifting his body and hears them talking about how they found him inside a box.
  • Jason notices that he's in a shiny, futuristic hangar. What the hey?
  • A man walks up and congratulates Jason, acting as if they know each other. Jason has no idea who he is.
  • The man introduces himself as Leighton Vance. What a name.
  • Vance performs a few medical tests on Jason using rather advanced technology.
  • As Jason struggles to remember the night that just passed, Vance gives him his house keys and other personal effects.
  • The men pass a group of people, and Vance leads Jason into a room, where a woman is seated. She's Amanda Lucas—a psychologist, apparently.
  • Lucas starts a recording and explains that Jason was found unconscious "on the floor of the hangar" last night (2.154).
  • Jason has no idea what's going on. Amanda asks him about the last thing that he remembers, but he doesn't know how to answer.
  • Amanda lets Jason take a breather. As Jason leaves the room, he learns the name of this strange place: Velocity Laboratories.
  • Vance catches up with him and tells him to use his private bathroom. Jason, for some reason, decides that his best course of action will be to break the window and run away.
  • The scientists are in hot pursuit, but Jason manages to escape, eventually finding a cab and telling the driver to take him to his house.

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