Study Guide

Dark Matter Chapter 3

By Blake Crouch

Chapter 3

  • Jason enters his house, but it doesn't seem right. It doesn't smell the same. Even the decor is different. He sees no sign of his family, though he does see a painting that hadn't been there before with his wife's maiden name signed on it: Daniela Vargas.
  • Jason also finds a Pavia Prize with his name on it. This is weird, folks.
  • Jason calls Daniela's cellphone, but a man answers who has no idea what Jason is talking about.
  • Suddenly Jason hears footsteps: he's been found. He leaps down the laundry chute and takes cover in a nearby garage until the scientists have left.
  • Jason decides to go to the hospital, thinking that his confusion might be caused by "a tumor in [his] brain" (3.133). Good idea, pal.
  • After arriving at the hospital, Jason convinces the doctors to give him a brain scan.

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