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Dark Matter Chapter 8

By Blake Crouch

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Chapter 8

  • Jason and Amanda wake up. Using a lantern, they peer down what is now a long hallway with the box's door repeated to infinity.
  • Jason explains that this is the brain's way of comprehending the multiverse. Each of these doors must lead into a different reality.
  • So Jason and Amanda start walking down that infinite hallway. Finally, they decide to open a door at random.
  • The world Amanda and Jason enter is post-apocalyptic.
  • Okay, then.
  • After a quick amble, Amanda and Jason get back into the box, shoot up, and wait for the drug to kick in.
  • Jason and Amanda have forty-eight syringes left. They better get this right.
  • The drug kicks in, and Jason and Amanda walk down the hallway once again. Amanda says that this reminds her of the "wild blizzards" of her youth in North Dakota (8.247).
  • The next door opens up into the Velocity Labs hangar. Amanda and Jason see themselves running toward the box, though their parallel selves are shot before they can reach it. Yikes.
  • Shaken up, Amanda and Jason quickly get back inside the box. Time for another door.
  • This one opens up to a frozen tundra. For some insane reason, Jason and Amanda decide to trek outside.
  • It's so cold that there's a legit chance the two might die. Luckily, they find a house buried in the snow and break inside.
  • Leaving Amanda behind, Jason explores the house. He finds five dead bodies—a family, presumably—and hides them in an upstairs bedroom so that Amanda won't freak out.
  • Jason and Amanda make a fire and take a nap. After waking up, Jason looks outside and makes a horrifying discovery—the box has been completely submerged by snow.
  • Jason mulls this over while he and Amanda munch on MREs. Then he makes a big realization about the nature of the box.
  • Jason realizes that what they're thinking about before they open a door defines the type of world they find. They ended up in this winter wonderland because Amanda was talking about blizzards.
  • That's helpful, but it doesn't mean jack if our heroes can't get back inside the box. Then Jason gets another bright idea: because the box is super-magnetic, they can use a compass to locate it.
  • Amanda and Jason make it. Phew. Back inside the box, they try to control their thoughts before opening another door.

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