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Dark Matter Science

By Blake Crouch

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If you thought that Physics 101 was tough, then just wait until you learn about the insanity known as quantum mechanics. This theory says that the simple act of observing something defines its state, and that prior to that event, a given object exists in a state of multiple possibilities at the same time. Basically: things only become defined when they're observed, but before that, they could be kind of anything. Some people say that this theory even implies the existence of multiple universes, where all those possibilities play out.


While this might sound like far-out science fiction, it's actually a legit theory in the real world that gets explored in Dark Matter. We'd be lying if we said that the science in the novel is 100-percent accurate, but it's a great gateway into a world of brain-melting possibilities.

Questions About Science

  1. In what ways does Jason apply the scientific method to his own life?
  2. Why is science so meaningful to Jason?
  3. Why is quantum physics so revolutionary? What assumptions does it upend?
  4. What aspect of the novel is the least scientifically accurate?

Chew on This

Quantum theory is revolutionary because it completely upends our conception of reality.

Science is so meaningful to Jason because it allows him to bypass his emotions and engage with the world purely logically.

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