Study Guide

Dark Places Chapter 10

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 10

Patty Day—January 2, 1985 11:31 a.m.

  • Len the creepy loan lender has left, having given Patty some sort of "unsavory" offer (9.1).
  • Patty imagines what life would be like if she lost the farm. The family would have to move to a different town and get… an… apartment. Patty says this as though they're moving into a sewer.
  • Patty's sister Diane shows up with groceries, temporarily snapping Patty out of her funk.
  • Patty tells Diane what happened with Ben that morning—the hair dye incident, his storming out of the house, and all that.
  • Diane has something to tell Patty about Ben: there's a rumor going around that Ben touched a young girl.
  • Even though she doesn't believe it's true, Patty wants to get Ben home immediately to get to the bottom of this. But she doesn't know where to find him.

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