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Dark Places Chapter 11

By Gillian Flynn

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Chapter 11

Libby Day—Now

  • On her way home, Libby tries to rationalize her memories of murderer-Ben with her new feelings toward her brother—and her belief that he's innocent.
  • At home, Libby makes a Velveeta and mustard sandwich—the lunch of champions—and calls the Bert Nolan Home, a home for men where Runner is supposed to be.
  • Libby leaves a message with Mr. Bert Nolan himself for her dad to contact her.
  • Libby then calls her aunt Diane, who she lived with and treated terribly for years after the murder—totaling her car, stealing credit cards, even killing her dog. Yikes.
  • Diane doesn't answer, so Libby leaves a message on the machine.
  • Then Libby meets with Lyle and fills him in on what Ben said.
  • Lyle suggests Libby meet with Magda, who runs the Free Day Society, a group full of women who want to get Ben out of prison.
  • Remembering Ben's tattoo, Libby asks if Lyle has heard of a girlfriend, like Sally or Polly or Molly—but he hasn't.
  • Lyle shares his murder theory with Libby: he thinks Lou Cates did it. Lou is Krissi's dad. Krissi is the girl Ben was accused of molesting, even though he was never prosecuted for it.
  • Lou Cates was in jail for manslaughter when he was younger, so Lyle thinks it's a likely theory.
  • Libby agrees to speak to Krissi Cates's mother and find out whatever she can.
  • Libby calls, and Krissi's mom answers. She tells Libby where to find Krissi: at a strip club on I-70.

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