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Dark Places Chapter 13

By Gillian Flynn

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Chapter 13

Libby Day—Now

  • Libby knows she'll find Krissi Cates in da club… in da strip club, that is. So she and Lyle head out to the I-70 strip club strip.
  • In one club parking lot, Libby and Lyle meet a nice little stripper named Colleen, who tells them where Krissi works.
  • Libby and Lyle spot Krissi exiting a truck. Seems like she's not just a stripper; she also does delivery.
  • Libby intercepts Krissi and agrees to buy her a drink in exchange for information about Ben Day.
  • Over a vodka cranberry, Krissi says that Ben molested her. "It was all part of his satanic thing" (12.56), she says. She was even worried that he might him sacrifice her.
  • Krissi tells Libby and Lyle about Ben's altar covered with dead animals.
  • Lyle starts pestering Krissi with questions about her father, who Lyle thinks committed the murder. Krissi gets nervous and decides to leave.
  • Before Krissi leaves, she asks Libby to lend her twenty dollars, promising to mail her money when she gets paid.
  • Libby gives Krissi a twenty, then writes down her address and name. "My name is Libby Day, you lying whore" (12.113), she says.

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