Study Guide

Dark Places Chapter 16

By Gillian Flynn

Chapter 16

Ben Day—January 2, 1985 3:10 p.m.

  • Ben and Trey arrive at Diondra's house. Diondra teases Ben, saying "seventeen may just be too old for your taste" (15.23).
  • Ben's not sure exactly what Diondra means.
  • Diondra changes the subject to clothes. She's bought Ben a new wardrobe: black leather pants, a T-shirt, and a black denim studded jacket. How metal.
  • Ben showers and puts the leather pants on. Diondra and Trey make fun of him for wearing the pants without underwear. Um, why does he hang out with these people?
  • Diondra sends Trey out of the room so that she can enjoy Ben a bit without the leather pants.
  • Afterward, Diondra tells Ben the gossip that he's molesting Krissi Cates.
  • Ben asks why Diondra would want to have sex with him if she thinks he's a pervert.
  • "I wanted to see if you could still get it up with me" (15.77), Diondra says.
  • Then Diondra tells Ben to shut up. "The baby's kicking" (15.79), she says.

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